RongDa has a fascinating engineering management sysyem ...

we use FMEA system to guarantee the design to be perfect.

we also use SPC tool to guide the main design

This is one of the most crucial parts of project managment.





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Project Management

Much More Than Just An Integrator

At RongDa, we recognize that on-time final delivery of your system can be critically impacted at any stage throughout your project. That's why we offer a total approach to project management that assures the timely implementation and completion of all processes - from design and engineering, to manufacturing, to quality control.

Designing, building and testing a state-of-the-art automated manufacturing system requires bringing together hundreds of complex tasks. Our dedicated project management team plays a vital role in keeping your project on track, allocating diverse RongDa resources to ensure that we meet all our commitments, every step of the way.

We employ comprehensive measurement and reporting to monitor and correlate operations through each phase of your project. Weekly project reviews are used to initiate corrective action if required, and frequent status reports are generated. This single-point accountability gives you access to every aspect of your project, from concept to commissioning.

  • We build up a project team to handle each project from customer

  • 9 quality gate during project life will ensure your project with high quality

  • Project will be proceeded fully follow up ISO 9001

Project Management
Project Management