RongDa has strictly run and managed according to ISO 9001...

Our Philosophy: Living on quality, win by innovation!

Our Mission: Satisfy customer through our advanced technonogy and hard work.





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RongDa Tech.
ISO Quality

Quality Philosophy

How did RongDa do that? We have a sophisticated ISO Philosophy

At RongDa, our commitment to total quality extends to all layers of the organization, empowering every individual - from engineering, to manufacturing, to service and support - to anticipate and meet our customers' requirements.

The result of this customer-driven quality philosophy is the relentless pursuit of innovation, not for its own sake, but for the continual improvement of our products and processes, and for the satisfaction and ultimate competitive advantage of our customers.

RongDa Tech.
ISO Quality

Quality Process

We continually improve our technology and process

The discipline by which we achieve such high levels of quality is embodied in our ISO 9001registered processes. Every phase of the development and delivery of your automation system - from project management, to manufacturing process control, to inspection and test, to training and servicing - is controlled and documented in keeping with these stringent global and industry standards.