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Address: Room 201, Building B, HaiTai Park, No.2, Wuhua Road, Huayuan Industrial Area, 300384, Tianjin, P.R. China

RongDa Tech.
Brief Introduction

Much More Than Just An Integrator

RongDa  is a world leader in factory automation solutions. We have designed and built lots of automation systems for many of the world's foremost manufacturers in areas as diverse as electric industry, automotive and consumer products.

Breaking through factory automation limits of conventional thinking for our customers requires more than system integration. We apply industry-leading technical resources, vast knowledge and an unmatched track record for innovation, to build the highest productivity at the lowest cost per part into your system.

From optimizing your part for factory automation through simultaneous engineering and product prototyping to developing standard automation products to custom designing and building your turnkey manufacturing facility we do whatever it takes to help you meet your automated assembly goals.

At Rongda, we've built an organization unique in the automation industry, with manufacturing and customer support facility in one of the most promising countries-China, providing our customers with global technical resources, service and product support second to none.