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Steering Column Assembly and Testing Line

Steering Column Press up Equipment for CMC Project

Fuel Tank Mounting Holes Punching and Bushing Insertion Machine

Fuel Tank Leakage Tester

Fuel Tank Pump Port Sloting Machine

Petrol Hose Assembly Machine

Robot Griper For Fuel Tank Molding

Petrol Hose Peeling and Forming Machines

Front Disc Brake Caliper Assembly and Test Line

Rear Disc Brake Caliper Assembly and Test Line

Rear Caliper Actuator Assembly Machine

Rear Caliper Piston Assembly Machine

Caliper Guiding Rod Greasing and Sorting Station

B8 Guiding Rod Bolts Tightening Machine

Electric Parking Brake Caliper Assembly Stations

Booster and Master Cyliner Assembly Line

Brake Tube Forming Machine

Brake Tube Deburring Machine

Front and Rear Wheel Assembly Line

Sunroof Assembly Line for VW Cars

Spoiler Plus Sunroof Assembly Line

Q5 Panorama Sunroof Assembly Line

DCX Sunroof Assembly Line

Rediator and CAC Core Builder

Air Bag Assembly Line

Seat Belt Assembly Lines

Brake Caliper Durability Tester

Booster and Master Cylinder Multi-Function Tester

Multi-Pressure Leaking Tester for Brake Components

Environnent Simulating Tester

Brake Residual Torque Tester